Book Highlight: Lots of Delicious Food • 好多好吃的套書

There are 5 books in total – covering rice, eggs, strawberries, bananas, and potatoes – very common staples that children will see. It reminds me of when the girls were younger and I tried being creative in preparing food – how many ways can you prep that banana? Or make rice interesting?

Unlike book series that are formulaic, each book is slightly different in story. I like that it looks at the different ways we can present food. Cooking is a big part of my family and I think having books like these can be a creative conversation starter in “guess what / how this dish was made?” … or, usually, I just read the books straight through and enjoy the silliness.

The level is not too difficult – I try to have my girls read the characters they can recognize (especially when each page says strawberry "草莓"…) but I still had to look up all those onomatopoeia words…

Anyway – here is a quick clip to introduce the books to you (I apologize in advance as the video is in Cantonese - but you can still follow along with the visuals). If you are in Little Kozzi Reading Club, we will be doing an Art Class next Saturday.

Find them here: Lots of Delicious Food (Set of 5) • 好多好吃的套書

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