Summer Reading Club: The Duckling Gets a Cookie?!

We LOVE Mo Willems' hilarious Pigeon series in English, so it was super cool to find that these books come in traditional Chinese!

And what's even more cool is seeing my 2.5yo son read it with 35 other kids (record participation!!) in this week's "Read a Story Together" activity in our Summer Reading Club.

It's been amazingggg hearing how proud your little ones feel when they see each week's video go live... and that they keep coming back and wanting to do more! Even those who don't read Chinese often, or *at all* before this! β™₯️

We love seeing the remarkable growth in their confidence in reading Chinese, and we're so proud of every one of you!

If you want to join us in next week's "Read a Story Together!", or just want to participate in the reading club in other ways, head over here for more info.

There are prizes to be won! And yes, it's open worldwide 🌏

Find the book here: The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? β€’ ζ·˜ζ°£ι΄Ώε­οΌšη‚Ίδ»€ιΊΌδ»–ζœ‰ι€…δΉΎοΌŒζˆ‘ζ²’ζœ‰οΌŸ

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