Little Kozzi Reading Club

What is the Little Kozzi Reading Club?

Little Kozzi Reading Club is a private Facebook group (open worldwide to ALL families; no purchase necessary).

Once a week, we run a free live story time in Cantonese, hosted by Eveline Yu (Rhythm 'N' Rhyme). Sometimes we have guest readers (including parents of our club members, as well as beloved teachers like Locy Lee Learning).

In the group, we also regularly run Reading Challenges where we encourage families to read and post about the books they're reading (participants are entered in a draw for prizes that are — again — open worldwide!).

Many parents have told us how much seeing photos and videos of other children reading, has helped inspired their own to read more in Chinese. Many often don't live in areas with large local Chinese communities, and this has been a wonderful way for children to connect with peers who also speak Chinese ❤️

Even if you don't plan to post (I'm totally a lurker in many groups — so I get it!), I find just immersing myself in an environment filled with parents raising multilingual kids, has helped me on my own multilingual parenting journey.

Come join us! ❤️

P.S. I thought I'd also leave you with an excerpt from one of my favourite books 👇