Record a Story Together!

"Record a story together" is one of the ways to participate in the Little Kozzi Summer Reading Club.

How this works

 Note: Participation is only available in Cantonese right now
  1. Every week, a book is selected by Eveline, and it will be posted in the Reading Club Facebook Group
  2. Comment on the post to sign up for 2-3 pages of reading according to your child's reading level:
    • Absolute Beginner (1-2 words)
    • Easy (1-2 lines)
    • Intermediate (2-3 lines)
    • Advanced (3+ lines)
  3. Eveline will send out pages according to reading level
  4. Record your child's voice and send it to Eveline via email or Facebook Messenger by the deadline
  5. Eveline will put together a video like this 👇of your child reading a book together with their peers! Go ahead and show it off to your family and friends — kids love it :) It's a great way to build confidence.