How to Sell to Us

1. Inspect Your Books

All preloved books must be in excellent or good condition. We do not accept books that are marked up, or have missing or ripped pages.

Please review What We Accept for more details. 

2. Transfer Your Books

You have three options for how to give us your books:

👉 A) Schedule a pickup

When you have a minimum of 15 qualified books to sell, and you live in a Pick Up Area, you can schedule a pick-up with us.

Leave your bagged/boxed items at your front door or with your concierge. There is no need for you to be at home!

👉 B) You pick up order, then drop off preloved books

If you have an open order with us, and have arranged to pick up your order, you can use this opportunity to also drop off your used books as well.

There is no minimum number of qualified books to sell if you go this route, but it does require you to have an open order with us that you are going to pick up.

👉 C) Little Kozzi drops off order, then pick up preloved books

If you...

  • have an open order with us that is scheduled to be shipped
  • live in a Pick Up Area
  • have used books you want to sell

Let us know! We can deliver your order ourselves and pick up your preloved books at the same time. You can leave your bagged/boxed items at your front door, or with your concierge. There is no need for you to be at home!

There is no minimum number of qualified books to sell if you go this route.


Once you have decided how your want to transfer your preloved books to us, please schedule Preloved Book Transfer Request below 👇

Schedule Preloved Book Transfer

3. We Email You an Offer

After we receive your books, we carefully inspect each book to ensure it meets Little Kozzi's standards, and to determine the price paid for each book.

We will email you our offer. You may choose to:

  1. Receive cash (paid via email money transfer)
  2. Receive Little Kozzi store credit for the Offer Price plus 20%
  3. Donate the offered amount to Toronto Public Library

For more information on our payout price, visit Offer Price.

4. Unpurchased Books

You have two options for books that are not qualified for purchase:

👉 A) Pick up

Books that did not qualify for purchase can be picked up at our Bloor West Village location. Books must be picked up within 2 weeks from the date the offer was emailed to you. Books not picked up after that will be donated on your behalf.

👉 B) Donate

We will happily donate your un-purchased items on your behalf to local Chinese organizations. Toronto Public Library unfortunately does not accept donations that are not in English or French.

❤️ Thank you! ❤️

We will make sure your preloved books are re-homed at families who will love them as much as yours did :)

If you have any questions at all about this process, let us know! We'd love to help :)

Schedule Preloved Book Transfer