Little Kozzi Summer Reading Club 2020

Summer Reading Club

What is the Little Kozzi Summer Reading Club?

The Little Kozzi Summer Reading Club is a free informal Chinese reading program for children. It is a great way to practice or improve Chinese reading skills over the summer, learn about some new Chinese books, meet new friends, and have fun! 

Who can join?

The Little Kozzi Reading Club is open to all children and their families worldwide.

How do we join?

Sign up through this online registration form. We are asking a bit of information about your child and their reading level so that we can make this as fun and engaging as possible for them :)

Which Chinese language is this run in?

We welcome both Cantonese, Mandarin, and yes, even English speakers! There are ways to participate in all three languages :)

How does it work?

Each session is 4 weeks long. During each session, we encourage your little one to read Chinese books in the chosen themes.

When you finish a book, post a book review in the Reading Club Facebook group.

You can post book reviews however you want. But, in order to be eligible for the prize drawing, only book reviews that are one of the following types are counted: (more details here)

  1. Book reviews (written)
  2. Book reviews (video)
  3. Read a book solo (video)
  4. Read a book with a friend or parent (video)

You can also participate in that week's "Record a story together!", which will be counted as one "review".

Reading club members who complete 3 reviews, in 3 themes, in 3 weeks (so it's okay to miss a week!) will be entered for a prize drawing at the end of the session.

Any additional reviews you do will become additional entries in the draw (max of two additional entries). So the more you review, the better your odds :)

And yes, drawing for the prize is open worldwide!

What is the prize?

If the prize winner is Canadian, they will receive a CAD$30 gift card to Little Kozzi.

If the prize winner lives outside of Canada, they can choose any in-stock book from Little Kozzi under CAD$20. Shipping will be included.

This prize is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.

What are the book themes?

  • "Record a book together!"
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Science / Nature
  • Chinese Culture
  • Family
  • Book in a Series
  • Board Book
  • Picture Book
  • Leveled Readers (e.g. Sage, Greenfield)
  • Flashcards & Activities

If you want to read an English book in Chinese, that works too! We know not everyone has a large library of Chinese books at home.