Habbi Habbi Collector Books Set (Wand + 24 Books) - Chinese/English
Habbi Habbi Collector Books Set (Wand + 24 Books) - Chinese/English

Habbi Habbi Collector Books Set (Wand + 24 Books) - Chinese/English

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The easiest way to teach your kids Chinese — without screens! As seen on Fast Company & Forbes 👀

Habbi Habbi created a series of gorgeous and beautifully designed bilingual books that pairs with their easy-to-use Reading Wand to make them come alive.

The Reading Wand provides instant, accurate pronunciation, so it is possible for non-native parents to offer screen-free bilingual learning! (Check out the product videos to see it in action!)

Their books are awesome as they feature topics that are progressive and modern, like diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability, and strong female role models! 

Plus, they're so fun! They are incredibly loved by little readers. Don't just listen to us, check out what other parents have to say!

This Collector Set PLUS is the *complete* Habbi Habbi's bilingual library. It includes one (1) Reading Wand and twenty-four (24) English-Chinese hardcover board books, including their 4 large format books about Home & Family.

    The books are written in English and Simplified Chinese (with pinyin). The Reading Wand reads in English and Mandarin Chinese.

    You can read more about Habbi Habbi's story ♥️

    How It Works

    One wand

    You only have to buy their Reading Wand once — the same wand works with ALL Habbi Habbi books, in any language (they currently carry books in both English-Chinese and English-Spanish, with more languages coming!). As they release new titles, you can easily update your wand's content for free.

    So simple... just tap!

    Simply turn on your wand and tap — anywhere, on any page, in any of their books. Every inch is tappable — text, image, even white space! Kids love that there is instant feedback!

    Books NOT screens

    Their wand and books offer the benefits of technology — instant, accurate pronunciation — WITHOUT a screen! Parents don’t need to be native speakers to support bilingual learning.

    Warranty & Returns


    Habbi Habbi has a 1-year warranty. Please review their website for their warranty terms.


    Per official Habbi Habbi policy, there are no returns for international orders.

    As much as possible, we encourage you to discover the brand before purchasing, since books are heavy, and shipping them back and forth has a high cost on the environment!

    There are different ways to discover the product before making the purchase, including: watching this 2-min video which shows the product in action, viewing individual book pages for previews and descriptions of each spread in our product listing here, or sending specific questions to us or to Habbi Habbi.