Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express (DVD) • 米奇妙妙屋:米奇火車啾啾啾

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express (DVD) • 米奇妙妙屋:米奇火車啾啾啾

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All aboard for destination: Fun!

Join Mickey, Toodles, and the whole gang in the magical full-length adventure, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express, which takes viewers for a ride on the amazing Clubhouse Train to the top of the mountain.

Kids can help load the train cars full of incredible, never-melting, "Easy-Freezy" snow, and then go skiing and make snow angels back at the Clubhouse - even in the middle of summer!

Hop aboard Mickey's Choo-Choo Express for a ride to the coolest winter wonderland ever. With this snow-tastic adventure, you can have winter fun all year-round.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse an educational show created specifically for preschoolers. The show introduces a whole new generation of preschoolers to Mickey and his lovable band of friends, aka the “Sensational Six”: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald.

In each episode, Mickey and his pals go on a fun, interactive adventure that is guided by a specific curriculum designed to introduce problem-solving and early math skills to preschoolers.

Note on Cantonese edition: The Cantonese dub is well done, with characters retaining much of their personality voices (e.g. Donald Duck sounds like the characteristic Donald Duck, but in Cantonese!).

Bonus points also go to the Cantonese production for also translating and singing all the songs, like "Hot Dog Song" in Cantonese as well.


  • Disc 1: DVD with several Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes


  • Audio: English, Cantonese, Mandarin (and others)
  • Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese (and others)
  • Region: 3 (Editor note: this should technically be not compatible in North America, but this particular DVD works on my player and others who've tried. So, YMMV!)