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Sagebooks Basic Chinese 500 (Traditional) -  Level 1 Beginning Reader • 基礎漢字500 (繁體) - 啟蒙級

Sagebooks Basic Chinese 500 (Traditional) - Level 1 Beginning Reader • 基礎漢字500 (繁體) - 啟蒙級

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BEGINNING READER starts with the most frequently used Chinese words and characters, and gets the child reading sentences from the very start. The stories are centred around the everyday life of the child.

Among this first set of 100 characters introduced, 22 of them are also common radicals, laying down a solid foundation of the child’s understanding of the Chinese writing system. The child learns to read in a natural and fun way.

The 5 books of BEGINNING READER contains about 2800 characters in total. The design of the course uses numerous repetitions of the characters, taking advantage of a child’s natural way of learning.

Once the child learns these 100 characters, they will be able to read stories and poetry on their own. They can start to read the first Beginning Reader set of Sagebooks Treasure Box (sold separately), which is a set of 5 picture books written especially for Beginning Reader graduates. These 5 picture books include 1 Chinese classical story, an animal story, a rhyme, a fairy tale and an everyday life story.

Through BEGINNING READER, the child learns:
  • basic writing strokes
  • 100 most frequently used characters, 22 of them common radicals
  • read short sentences of 3-7 characters each
  • basic nouns, pronouns, directions, numbers, verbs, adjectives, adverbs
  • to read and understand BEGINNING READER Treasure Box stories (sold separately)

BEGINNING READER is for 3½ years old and up.