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Sagebooks Basic Chinese 500 (Traditional) -  Level 5 Fluent Reader • 基礎漢字500 (繁體) - 實力級

Sagebooks Basic Chinese 500 (Traditional) - Level 5 Fluent Reader • 基礎漢字500 (繁體) - 實力級

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By the time your child starts FLUENT READER, they will start to become less self interested (which was absolutely developmentally appropriate for when they were younger), and begin to care about things outside of themselves. They will become more interested in becoming a contributing member of a larger society.

Other than close family members, your child will now interact with peers in school, making their world more interesting and exciting. They will start to notice things in their larger environment and learn about other people's roles in society.

The characters in FLUENT READER covers vocabulary around interpersonal relationships, public places, occupations, and recreational activities. Through FLUENT READER, your child will also have basic command of simple antonyms, and words to describe their senses.

Children who start FLUENT READER are likely a bit more than a year (~400 days) into learning and reading Chinese. During this time, they should have developed good reading habits, and can handle activities that require longer attention spans. This practice will become immensely helpful for them later on.

After completing the last 100 days of learning, your child should be able to independently read many children's stories, and various children literature.

Even though we're at the FLUENT READER level, lesson format remain the same. There are colourful illustrations that will be familiar to the child, though layout and composition of the accompanying illustrations may feel more complex and interesting.

The length of each lesson is still designed to be completed in one minute, but the content could feel more exciting. We continue to learn one character at a time, which is paired with repetition, but the sentences and their structures will feel more challenging.

FLUENT READER helps a child build a solid foundation for lifelong learning in the future.

Through FLUENT READER, the child:

  • accumulates 500 of the most commonly used Chinese characters
  • gains knowledge around life at school, at home, and in other social settings
  • learns vocabulary surrounding the natural sciences, and social and interpersonal relationships
  • can read and understand FLUENT READER Treasure Box stories (sold separately)
  • can read about 80% of existing children's stories

FLUENT READER is for 5½ years old and up.