2022 Holiday Deadlines

November *flew* by. Can’t believe we’re reaching the end of another month… and the end of 2022 😳

November’s been quite the whirlwind of school strike closures, fall nature walks, various family gatherings, birthdays, funeral, incoming cargo (dyk we quietly received a hk shipment lol)… aaaaand sickness 😷

Oh-so-many illnesses since school started 😓

Before time gets away from me though, I thought I’d put up some important dates!

👉 Dec 1: Last day to order if you want to pick up in Coquitlam. Orders for Toronto pick-up can go all the way up until we close for 2022. You just have to pick up by then!

👉 Dec 8: Last day to order to have something shipped in time for xmas in Canada

I’ll continue to ship orders as they come in between 8-15, but can’t promise that anything will arrive in time!

And then…

👉 Dec 15: Closed for all shipping/pickups. Please pick up your order by this date if you want it in 2022!

**and yes, these are all Thursdays!

It’s a very very small operation over here, so I try not to go allllll the way up till Christmas. I need some buffer for my own peace of mind, in case anything unexpected pops up 😅

After that, we’ll take some much needed rest, do a bunch of backend cleanup like closing our (accounting) books, and will start shipping again January 9 in 2023

Thank you so much for your support throughout 2022. This tiny bookstore appreciates you ❤️ Wishing you all a wonderful and restful holiday season!

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