Pre-order FAQ

What are pre-orders?

Pre-orders are purchases made for items that are not currently in stock. We typically open pre-orders on a select set of items at a time.

How long will it take to get my stuff?

Estimated shipping date is noted directly in the listing. We try our best to ship by the listed date, but like every other business, we too have been impacted by the long delays in shipping and receiving product 🥺 As such, we cannot guarantee arrival times.

If you are not comfortable with long waits, we do not recommend pre-ordering.

Why pre-orders?

It helps us make sure that you, our customers, can always get the books you want.

We don't enjoy telling disappointed families when an item they want is no longer in stock, because we know it isn't always easy to get good Chinese children's books around here.

How can I tell if an item is being pre-ordered?

The button to add the item to cart should say "Pre-order" instead of "Add to Cart".

How does shipping work with pre-orders?

The same shipping policies apply. Orders over $149 are eligible for free shipping. Orders below that will be charged a flat rate.

What if I have both pre-order and stocked items in my order?

Orders with BOTH pre-order and stocked items will be held and are NOT shipped until pre-order items arrive.

Everything in a single order is shipped at the same time, unless otherwise specified.

If you wish to get stocked items quicker, please check out as a separate order.

Why was my pre-order item cancelled and refunded?

Sometimes our suppliers run out of stock between the time they tell us what they have, to when we actually put in an official order.

When this happens, we will remove the item from your order and refund you the cost of the item.

Sometimes (and hopefully rarely), it may be because there was a pricing error. We reserve the right to not fulfill an order if there is an egregious mistake in pricing.

When is my credit card charged for pre-orders?

Pre-orders are charged at the time of order.

How often do you do pre-orders?

It's a little ad-hoc right now. If you don't want to miss a preorder, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter :)