Hello — I'm Charing* 👋

I'm a parent of two kids in a biracial and bilingual household, living in the beautiful city of Toronto.

I started Little Kozzi in 2020 with Eveline Yu, a fellow Canadian mum who also wanted to pass on the Chinese language/culture to our kids while living in this beautiful country 🍁

Not gunna lie, we were a liiiiittle obsessed about books.

We were both independently helping fellow local parents group-buy books from overseas, and in 2020 (yes — right around our first lockdown!), we decided to just make it more "official" by opening an online storefront.

Although no longer part of this tiny bookstore today, Eveline continues to be very involved in the community, including running classes at Rhythm 'N' Rhyme (among many, many of her projects! ❤️)

Maybe one day, I'll put up an actual bio, with proper headshots, so you know I'm a real person 😬

In the meantime, I am active on InstagramFacebook, and Substack, so come hang if you want!

Thank you SO MUCH for your interest and support in a small businesses like this one!

Charing ♥

* pronounced shah-RING (rhymes with bling!)