Highlights: Summer 2023 New Arrivals (Taiwan)

Here are some highlights for all the new arrivals. You can also see the full list of everything ☺️


🤩 Exciting Sequels

Check out all the new titles from customer favourite series and authors!

Butt Detective Manga #7

Hot off the press! Released just this April is the latest manga title featuring everyone's favourite Butt Detective!

This time, two inspectors are battling it out in town. Who will be victorious?

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My Dream School

Fans of My Magical Toilet will love this latest title by Japanese author-illustrator Noritake Suzuki. Like all its predecessors, this is another title that features lots of creativity, imagination, and whimsy!

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Goodnight, Butterfly

The latest title in the The Very Impatient Caterpillar series, we meet our favourite caterpillar-turned-butterfly again! Through his hilarious shenanigans, young readers embark on a science lesson on nocturnal and diurnal animals!

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Little White Fish and the Strange Thing

Little White Fish board books are beloved little readers! Its familiar cast, vibrant illustration, and simple but relevant vocabulary make them great books for babies and toddlers. This latest book is a story to help little readers learn about their senses!

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Little People To the Rescue: Bento Delivery

Here's comes another mission for our Little People crew, who uses machinery to cleverly accomplish tasks! Featuring very short text, but always filled with highly detailed illustrations, these books are great for readers who are just graduating board book to "paper" picture books!

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The Wild Cats Crew's Ramen Shop

Everyone's favourite mischievous wild cats are back with their 7th title featuring their usual shenanigans at a Ramen Shop!

As the wild cats raided the ramen shop, they are met with a group of monkeys who is apparently fleeing a monster. Can the wild cats help them in battling said monster?

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Red Bean Green Bean Manga: Little Green Bean's Internet Fame

Red Bean Green Bean is a great introductory manga series for early readers. They feature simple panels, short dialogue, and most importantly accompanying audio (in Mandarin) via QR code so readers can easily follow long! This is the latest book in the series, released just this February!

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The Sour Grape

The latest (sixth) book in the Food Group series by John Jory, we meet the Sour Grape, who holds grudges for everything!

...until their friend did the same back. Could forgiveness and compassion be enough to turn a sour grape sweet?

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The Bunny That Wanted to Sleep

Big Boss Bunny drank too much coffee, and can't fall asleep!

Following the hilarious Bunny that Wanted to Fly — Big Boss Bunny and his little three minion bunnies return to show us what it means to take action, handle failure, come together as team teamwork, and solving problems creatively!

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🔥 New Title Highlights

New and exciting titles that were added to Little Kozzi's catalogue this pre-order. Some are brand new and fresh off the press from publishers!

Beep Beep! Here Comes the Vehicle Bundle

This was out of print for a while, so I was thrilled to see this set of little vehicle books come back! Featuring simple text and adorable illustrations by one of my favourite illustrators, Suzuki Mamoru, this is great set for young readers who loves their machines!

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Characters are Fun (Interactive Book)

These books sold out multiple times and forced several reprints by the publisher when it first released! It's an interactive book for readers who are starting to learn to recognize Chinese characters. By using clever interactive contraptions inside the book, this is a engaging way to help the budding reader learn how characters are composed and created!

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Not Quite Narwhal

A heartwarming story about a unicorn who was born into a family of narwhals, and always feeling slightly different. A great title for unicorn fans as we learn about what it means to fit in, stand out, and the all encompassing love of family!

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I Didn't Eat the Moon

A really funny, and relatable story about a dinosaur who ate all the moons behind his mommy's back, and learning to deal his anxieties about lying, as well as the consequences of the lie. Readers are then surprised with a funny and delightful ending as Little Dinosaur tries to unwind the situation.

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Sumikko Gurashi × Chinese Character Radicals Card Game

An interactive way to learn and reinforce the concepts of "radicals" in the Chinese character system with your favourite San-X characters, while honing your little learner's turn taking skills, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking!

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King of Bread Bundle

Best book packaging ever 🤪

Featuring super cute and realistic packaging, this trio of heartwarming stories was simultaneously placed on shelves in bookstores and local bakeries when it first launched in Japan!

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A book that's 1/3 activity book, 1/3 story, and 1/3 manga!

If your child loves mazes, the ones in this story are really good and really well done. It's challenging, and amazingly detailed. It's a book that you can easily go back to and find new details every time!

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What to Do When I'm Gone: A Mother's Wisdom to Her Daughter

Perhaps a book more for us parents than kids (but hey! I love a good book for me too 🤪)

I know many of us are learning new Chinese vocabulary on "taboo" topics that we never used growing up — this is a poignant (and hilarious!) book, told from the perspective of a mother giving advice to her daughter, that looks at life, loss, grief, and mortality.

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Mr Bunny Goes on a Walk

A funny & creative book for younger readers with shorter attention spans, we follow Mr Bunny as he goes on a walk and encounter different road signs, each getting more silly and obscure than the next!

Gomi Taro (a fav author-illustrator here 🙋🏻‍♀️) produces yet another unique and quirky masterpiece that my kids love!

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❤️ Oldies but Goodies

Books that were beloved by many customers over the years, and are often sold out. This is your chance to grab them via pre-order!

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli's illustrated picture books and manga sets capture the magic of the legendary studio’s animated films with easy-to-read text (with inline zhuyin), and full-colour pictures direct from the film! These are great books for your little Studio Ghibli fans :)

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The Rabbit Listened

One of the first Chinese books I ever owned, and continues to be a fav ❤️

It's very simple, with relatively short text, but young readers will come away with seeing how we can comfort and heal the people in our lives — by taking the time to carefully, lovingly, and gently listen!

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Let's Go Shopping!

You can tell so much love went into creating this beauuuutifully illustrated book. Featuring 37 different kinds of storefronts, this is a super versatile book to enjoy with kids of many ages. Play search-and-find games with young readers, or use it to build vocabulary for everything they see!

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👶🏻 For the Itty Bitty Ones

Book for the littlest of our little readers!

Mirror Mirror: Happy Faces

Every spread in this board book includes a large mirror for little readers to imagine and see themselves reflected back. Parents can use lots of animal sound effects, as well as many self-affirming phrases (“I am strong!”), to make this a delightful and interactive read with their little ones!

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Baby's Bilingual Flash Cards: Yummy Foods

Not your standard flash cards with "generic" vocabulary!

These are thoughtfully created and designed by a local Taiwanese designer to not only feature common foods our little ones see around us, but also those that are unique to Chinese and East Asian culture (e.g. radish cake, xiao long bao, bubble tea)!

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Shapes and Transforms!

A fun board book, with cut out shapes for the littlest readers to touch and learn!

Featuring see-through holes of various shapes, each creatively forming something that readers can relate to in their own life!

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🤓 Non-fiction

Books for learning about the world around us, including those that answer very, very important questions like why there are no dinosaurs today 🤪

Why Are There No Dinosaurs Today?

An interactive bilingual non-fiction book!

It's a fun read because it presents the question in a very relatable way that is highly reminiscent of how kids of this age follow a specific chain of questioning about stuff!

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Everyday Life Inventions (Set of 3)

I love how these books explain the history and development of seemingly "simple" every day things that we take for granted today, like writing systems, or how the modern toilets came to be!

Presented in child-friendly ways, it shows the long history of human ingenuity and creativity to solve problems!

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I'm Growing!

An interactive book with an incredibly unique format (the product photos really doesn't do it justice!).

Through the delightful "wheel-esque" contraption, little readers can see the progression of the cycle of life for different animals, and even humans!

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📖 For Early Independent Reading

It's not always easy to find interesting, but still (reading-)level appropriate titles for those budding independent. Here are a few options 👇

Pip and Posy Bundle (Set of 10)

Featuring LARGE print, engaging stories between two friends, vibrant illustrations, and an almost "formulaic" storylines (which creates some repetition across books — a good thing for early readers!), this is a great introductory set for little readers.

And for those who aren't ready to independently read just yet, these are great stories to be read to, making them useful for a long time! (plus, they're bilingual!)

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Whale Dog

This book looks like a bridge book, and feels like a bridge book, but each page actually features very short sentences and relatively simple vocabulary.

It's an imaginative story with simple reading level — a great option for boosting the confidence of little readers who are first venturing into this new "format" of books.

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Dear Mr. Happy

This is slightly higher reading than the other two (mostly due to length), but I really like this one for its unique writing format.

It introduces readers to the seemingly "lost art" of letter writing, featuring conversations about topics that are close to heart for many kids today. Each letter can be read independently, so it's still very accessible to the early reader!

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💩 Poop for All Ages

My kids are obsessed about poop 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I'm dedicating this collection to them lol

Lift-The-Flap Very First Questions & Answers: What is Poo?

A really cute lift-the-flap board book to learn about where poop goes, and how other animals poop!

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The Poop Rocket

Super funny illustrations that tries the compare the processing of pooping with a rocket launching. Great for the little reader who is ready to potty train!

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The Magical Poop Factory: The Wonderful Journey of Food

We poop everyday. But exactly how is poop made in our bodies? Find out by going on a ride through our body's digestive system!

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