Are You Raising Bilingual/Biliterate Kids in Cantonese too?

In a world where attention spans are increasingly moving towards 3-second reels & TTs, I decided I wanted to do more long-form (and non-listicle!) writing instead lolol 🤪

These thoughts (many around bilingual parenting, and early literacy via Cantonese) have been swirling in my head for a while now.

While the occasional “word vomit” on IG stories are therapeutic, I like the clarity I get when I’m forced to write it down in long form (it forces me to check, “is this train of thought still coherent lulz”)

I wrote this specific post back in January, but I’m only sharing this here now.

I hesitated sharing it at all tbh, since this kinda “content” isn’t for everyone.

The “algorithm” probably hates it haha

But I figured those who don’t care, don’t care. whatevs.

But!! If it resonates with even just a few people who find it useful, it seems worthwhile sharing ❤️

Read the first post on Substack.

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