Big Cities Little Foodies - Back in Stock!

Big Cities Little Foodies books are now back in stock - huzzah!

These are super fun rhyming board books featuring unique foods from Hong Kong and Tokyo, while also exposing your little ones to early concepts like numbers and colours.

While on the topic of foodโ€”and very much inspired by a post I saw in a local facebook groupโ€”tell us about a restaurant you've enjoyed recently?

COVID has made things rather challenging for many restaurants and small businesses. If you've eaten at one recently and liked them, tag them here so that we can learn about them and support them!

(We'll start in comments ๐Ÿ‘‡)

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  • Weโ€™ve ordered sushi takeout at โ€œMomiji Sushi Bar & Grill โ€“ Royal Yorkโ€ several times since the pandemic, and enjoyed them every time. Super yummy fish!

    You can call in, or order from Skip the Dishes. They also have a patio and easy parking as well.

    Every time weโ€™ve picked up, itโ€™s been quick and easy.

    Little Kozzi

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