Bilingual Parenting Myth #2: Teaching Chinese is a Waste of Time

I hear this allllll the time.

In fact, I've internalized this so much myself, I didn't bother trying to speak Chinese to my eldest when he was born (I am *eternally* grateful for the people I met afterwards who set me straight πŸ€ͺ)

Yes, chances are English will eventually dominate my children's speech because we live in Canada.

But so what tho.

I feel like I'm an example where English *did* take over. I'm far more proficient in English. My thoughts are mostly in English (except counting lol. I count in Chinese i dunno why). And English is my dominant and preferred language.

My Chinese is nowhere near English in fluency.

Not even close.
But... I am also SO thankful I can still speak it, albeit awkwardly at times. And that I can read it at a lower elementary level.

✨It is a life skill no one can ever take away from me✨

And now that I *know* it is possible to pass on the language (see Myth #1), I feel very, very motivated to do so.

Even if kids end up "only" able to listen/understand it and not much else... it is not a waste of time to me ✨ (psssst, kids actually often become capable of much more. Again, see Myth #1)

heck, as an adult, I'd be ECSTATIC if I can "just" listen/understand yet another language!

And many, many parents in our community tell us how rewarding it is to hear kids speak Chinese for a variety of reasons (bonding with grandparents, connection to heritage, to name a few)

So if you're new here, I hope you feel it's worth your while too πŸ’•

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