Bitty Bao's EPIC 40pc Wooden & Magnetic Hot Pot Toy Set

✨ In stock and ready to ship — Bitty Bao's GINORMOUS 40-piece wooden and magnetic hot pot toy set!

I remember when Lacey first told me about this set, she prefaced it with, “Be scared. It’s a huge set hahahaha” 😝

She knows how small we are, and how “warehouse” space is always a giant game of Tetris, all. the. time. so I really appreciated the friendly warning haha

This hot pot wooden play set has EVERYTHING y’alllll — magnetic pieces, felt pieces, magnetic-AND-felt pieces (🤪)… and practically a life-sized personal hot pot for allllll the imaginative play for your little ones!

And because it’s so big, we only brought in a limited amount for the holidays! We will of course restock when we sell out, but no guarantees restocks will arrive for the holidays ☺️

Every time I look at this toy, I also can’t help but start singing Locy Lee's Hot Pot 打邊爐 song in my head (thanks to little bro’s classes with her right now where they’ve been singing it recently) so I had to pair the song with the video 👇  Turn up the volume to enjoy it in all its glory 🥘

🎵 凍冰冰最啱打邊爐

The song is on Spotify, and also on her YouTube channel!

p.s. not that anyone is asking, but my fav pieces are the clams haha — I love how it kinda doubles as an instrument for kids

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