Book Highlight: 100-Storey Home series

I've known about these for a while, and have flipped through them many times before...

But I've always been somewhat intimated by its length so we never really read them (reading long books take a lot of energy 😬)

We recently came back to them though, cause my 4yo's been pulling them off the shelf, and explicitly requesting that I read them

And surprisingly (!) I quite enjoy these now, because:

  1. I've learned it's not necessary to read a book cover-to-cover in one sitting 😝
  2. I looooove the little details hidden in the illustrations (I was explaining to my 4yo centipedes are venomous, and then noticed the author added a "lab" in their fictional home where they're concocting venom lol. it was perfect and so cute!!)
  3. It's a fun way to practice counting up to 100 (level-appropriate math for my 4yo right now)

What about you? Are there books you also weren't super into at first, but have since changed your mind about?

Find the all the titles in the 100-Storey Home series here!

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