Book Highlight: A BIG Mooncake for Little Star • 小星的大月餅

A Big Mooncake for Little Star • 小星的大月餅 is a title we have in both languages.

It was first written in English by award-winning author-illustrator Grace Lin, and was later translated into traditional Chinese by a Taiwanese publisher.

I love how the story introduces elements of Mid-Autumn Festival (e.g. mooncakes, a cameo appearance by a little bunny... among other things) without it hitting you over the head that this is explicitly about Mid-Autumn Festival.

The story itself is super relatable and age-appropriate (after all, who doesn’t want to sneak in a bite of something yummy?? 🤪).

The mother-daughter relationship is adorable, and the illustrations are simply *STUNNING*!

I love the little golden paint splashes throughout the book that represent both the mooncake crumbs and the stars in the night sky. The dark background and floating characters add another element of dreaminess and whimsy to the whole reading experience.

Plus, it’s a good introduction to the phases of the moon, especially if you’re observing the moon daily with your little ones in the days leading up to the festival next Tuesday when it becomes full! 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌘

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P.S. Other than the language, can anyone tell what's different between the Chinese and English editions? 😉

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