Book Highlight: Baby Ankylosaurus • 甲龍寶寶

Tatsuya Miyanishi—prolific Japanese children’s author—produces another hit for our little family ♥️ (As you may recall from some of my other reviews, not all of his works are hits for us unfortunately)

With this book, we noticed immediately that the style is very reminiscent of 小蛇肚子咕嚕嚕, which is beloved in our household.

It opens with a little ankylosaurus—I had no idea this dinosaur existed until this book (bonus points for being educational for mum? 😜)—going on a walk.

Stuff happens every page that makes some sort of noise... like the sound of the baby ankykosaurus' walking footsteps, to sound of his running footsteps, to when he hits the tree, to when he bounces off of it and rolls down a hill... lolll

This is kinda where you can have a lot of fun with your kid, especially if they like making silly noises with you together 🤣

There is nothing "deep" about this book, mind you. BUT it's got super cute illustrations of the baby ankylosaurus, and it is, surprisingly, quite the page turner. When we read it the first time, we really wanted to know what happens next to our little baby ankylosaurus friend.

There's minimal text on each page (even fewer than 小蛇), so it'd be appropriate for younger toddlers. Though honestly, I think older ones will have a fun time with it too heh.

Get your copy here: Baby Ankylosaurus • 甲龍寶寶

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