Book Highlight: Because Your Mommy Loves You 因為媽咪愛你

I loved this book so much and have been meaning to do a book highlight on this ever since I first read it a few weeks ago. But... toddlers.

The book kept popping up though, whether it's asked about by a customer, or was brought up in various virtual zoom classes.

It almost seems like the world is reminding me I need review this. So here we are. Finally lol.

I'm actually a little surprised I haven't seen this book talked about more. Or ever, really. There are so many mom-themed Chinese children's book "staples" that get promoted regularly, especially around mother's day.

Yet, this one *never* shows up! I personally think it deserves more than a little spotlight 😜

There are several things I love about this book:

1) Its realistic illustrations, and how the plot is rooted in real life. There aren't magical things that happen or any talking animals, which can be refreshing. This will appeal to families who follow Montessori teaching and parenting philosophy.

2) It breaks the mold for what a stereotypical mom looks like. I love how it's not about a mom who bakes you a cake and hugs you better (though those are very sweet too!).

Oh nono... this story features a badass mom that takes you hiking, camping, and exploring the rugged outdoors - a role typically reserved for fatherly figures in many books.

3) Reading it was a great reminder to myself as a parent, that loving my child means encouraging and pushing them when appropriate, rather than coddling them all the time.

Many books focus on the smooshy-sweet motherly love where "mommy will do anything for you cause she loves you" or "mommy always saves the day".

I MUCH prefer the message in this book where mum coaches, encourages, and assists, but ultimately lets the kid try for themselves. And then allowing them to feel the sense of accomplishment when they overcome it 🙂

I think it's a beautiful way to display love ♥️

Find it here: Because Your Mommy Loves You • 因為媽咪愛你!

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