Book Highlight: City Vehicles (Pop-Up Book) • 超級汽車

My son, who is 21mo, is *super* into cars lately. Whenever given a choice for books to read to him, he always picks the one with vehicles in them. So when I saw this book, it felt like a no-brainer to get it.

I LOVE how vibrant the colours are, and find the illustration style simple but super cute. Plus, the 3D pop-up construction and the different "movable pieces" in each vehicle makes this book fun and engaging.

The book isn't long — 7 spreads to cover 7 different cars. At 21mo, my son still lacks the attention span to sit through most full-blown storybooks (unless he really, really loves the book), so this feels like the right length for his age right now.

The pages are made of sturdier cardstock than typical picture book pages, which again is nice for someone his age.

That said, I'm not sure I'd necessarily leave him unsupervised with this book juuuuuust yet, cause I'd worry about him ripping the movable parts lol.

Finally, this version of the book is published in Hong Kong, which meant the descriptions/names of the vehicles definitely slant Cantonese (which I have a bias for, so that's a pro for me). For example, they call a bus 「巴士」 instead of 「公車」 (which I believe is the name for them in Taiwan?).

Overall, would recommend! ♥️ (Though, I realize I pretty much only post about books I recommend anyway lololol. If something is meh, I don't even bother writing about it 🤪)

Get the book here: City Vehicles (Pop-Up Book) • 超級汽車

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