Book Highlight: I Know Numbers! • 數字在哪裡

Kicking off my first "COVID era" book review with this book by Japanese author Taro Gomi, called "I Know Numbers!"

Taro Gomi is a prolific children's book author with a very distinctive "blotchy paint" illustration style in earthy colour schemes.

This book stood out to me immediately because math has a special place in my heart. Math as a subject has a SUCH a bad rap, partially because I think it's taught so poorly. So I love seeing book like these that make it interesting 🙂

This is a book with very simple sentences in each spread. It talks about what you can do if you can "read numbers", from knowing what time it is, to being able to play games, to knowing how fast you can drive... etc.

There's a lot of repetition and short sentences, so it's great for younger kids!

I also like that it doesn't try to actually teach math concepts directly, but it uses really cute examples to highlight the motivation for understanding numbers and how it's everywhere around us... And it does it in a very child-friendly way ❤️

Get your copy here: I Know Numbers! • 數字在哪裡

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