Book Highlight: Illustrated Book of Languages 1: All Kinds of Names θͺžθ¨€εœ–ι‘‘οΌšε„εΌε„ζ¨£ηš„εε­—

I've heard of Taro Gomi for a while, but never really dived into his books until my recent library haul. It turns out I really love his books!!

They feel so unique, and cover such interesting topics. He somehow manages to make conventionally "dry" (but very fundamental) topics into such cute children's books β™₯️

There isn't really a "plot" in this book. It's almost like non-fiction in a sense. In fact, when I was figuring out what the title translates to in English, I actually didn't know how best to translate εœ–ι‘‘ (...anyone with better Chinese know?)

Anyway, it's literally a big book about language and words. E.g. why we name things, why the same thing could have different names to different people, how invisible things have names (like air, sound, farts lololol), etc etc... but with humour and cute illustrations weaved in to make it really engaging!

I also like how he lays out things that we adults take for granted ("why yes, why DO we have names for things...?"), so it's a great conversation starter for things to think about with your kids.

At the core of it, it's about communication β™₯️ We should be intentional about the words we use, cause they are impactful.

My rambling really doesn't do this book justice. The pictures might do a better job. Or if you're in Toronto, go check it out at the library πŸ˜›

Find the book here: Illustrated Book of Languages 1: All Kinds of Names β€’ θͺžθ¨€εœ–ι‘‘1οΌšε„εΌε„ζ¨£ηš„εε­—

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