Book Highlight: Just a Little Bit 只要一點點

How do you pick what books you buy? I certainly am more inclined to buy books that are well reviewed by other parents in blogs and fb groups, but I also love discovering more "obscure" books!

This book definitely feels like one of those.

It is most def NOT a hot-off-the-press kinda book, given it was printed back in 2014, which is EONS ago for a Chinese children's book, especially if it's not super, super popular. Most books like this go out of print quickly!

I really haven't seen this one discussed much by others, but I'm so glad I picked it up, cause it's so sweet ♥️ It's also very Montessori inspired, if that's important to you.

Written by Japanese author, Yuko Takimura, it's told from the perspective of a little toddler/preschool girl who just welcomed a new baby sibling.

She notices her mum is always busy with the new baby. So everyday tasks that the little girl normally has help with (like pouring herself a glass of milk, buttoning up her shirt, tying up her hair, etc), she decides to do it herself, even if she doesn't do it perfectly. She does it "just a little bit".

The story's ~warm fuzzies~ peaks at the end, when the little girl wants to put herself to bed. She usually gets big hugs from mommy. BUT because she's a ~big girl~ now, she tells mummy "just a little bit" of a hug will do...

I won't spoil the ending completely, but it is very heartwarming ♥️

The illustrations are also masterfully done, and matches the story so well: soft & beautiful.

In terms of reading level, there're slightly more words per page than super beginner picture books, but they're not difficult or high level words at all.

I highly recommend this. It is SO sweet, especially if your family is expecting (or has recently welcomed) a new baby! And even if not, it's a good way to introduce independence and self-care to preschoolers 🙂

Find this book here: Just a Little Bit • 只有一點點

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