Book Highlight: Little Anna series 小辮子安安系列

I first saw these books when someone in the group posted various books they found at the library in a local facebook group, but I’ve only finally checked them out now.

It’s a little collection of books by Swedish author, Inger Sandberg, about a little girl 安安 (Anna) in various silly situations.

We currently have three on hand and my son actually really love these books. We've read each of them several times now.

There are minimal words per page, and they're all so silly! lol The artwork isn't classically beautiful, but I think the hand drawn marker style works well for the kind of stories they are.

There is one book about Anna and her two balls (*snicker*... I'm so mature 🤣), a big yellow one and a small red one. It's a great one to learn position vocab (top, bottom, behind, inside, etc), as we set off to find her little ball.

My son and I read this several times now (so he knows exactly where the ball is), but he still plays along every time, and gets a kick out of finding the red ball in the end.

Another one is about Anna being sick, which is timely in the current climate. Every page, she'd sneeze and blow away something, like the pot of flower, or the curtains 🤣

She gets better eventually, but is told maybe she could cover her sneezes, so they don't blow everything away lol. It's a great one where I remind my son to cough and sneeze into his elbow.

These books are longer than the ones in the Little Zebra series in terms of page length. But they're still very simple. The pages are also the super sturdy type, so would definitely work for young toddlers.

Get your copy here: Little Anna Series Bundle (Set of 4) • 小辮子安安系列套書 (4冊)

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