Book Highlight: Little Rabbit Collection

This set of board books is sold separately in English, but only as a bundle in traditional Chinese, which is fine by me cause I would've bought all 3 anyway 😛

I've started looking at board books again recently cause there'll be a baby in the home soon, so I bought this as part of my latest big haul (which I'm still slowly working through... 😜).

It turns out my 28mo toddler hasn't ~completely~ outgrown board books yet, cause he ended up really loving these!!

They're a really cute set of stories by German author-illustrator Jörg Mühle, where you (the reader) help a little bunny with various everyday activities a toddler would be familiar with!

It's an "interactive" book (like Press Here by Hervè Tullet), where the toddler is asked to do stuff to the little bunny, like blow on a wound, or put on a bandaid, and the little bunny responds accordingly on the next page!

The "interactive" nature of these books is likely why my son enjoyed these so much (he also loved Press Here, so I'm not too surprised that he loved these too).

His favourite of the three is probably 擦藥藥 (Poor Little Rabbit!), because he learned about bandaids for the first time 🤣 Now every time he gets even the ~tiiiiiiniest~ little scratch, he wants a bandaid lol

The illustrations are simple, but very cute. The text is easy, but it's not just static vocab like many board books. There's actually somewhat of a plot, so it doesn't get outgrown that quickly (as evidenced by my 28mo).

I definitely recommend this from infant onwards, even up to preschooler.

There aren't that many GOOD Chinese board books out there imo, and this is probably one of the best I've seen so far ♥️

Get your copy here: Little Rabbit Collection (Set of 3) • 小寶貝的第一套生活常規學習書:洗澡澡、拍拍睡、擦藥藥(3冊)

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