Book Highlight: Little Rescue Crew, Let’s Go! 小小救援隊,出動!

If you have a child who’s into vehicles and heavy machinery, I highly recommend this book. My 2.5 yo loves this one!

We’re a huge fan of all the other books written and illustrated by Japanese duo, Fumiko Takashita and Mamoru Suzuki, respectively. This pair collaborated on a ton of other books that are well loved in our house, including all 4 books in the “Let’s Play” (大家一起玩) series!

If you have the “Let’s Play” books, this one will feel very familiar, with colourful and detailed illustrations paired with short and simple text.

This particular book features a little rescue crew of six machine operators, who are called upon when help is needed, like when a baby bear is stuck on a tree, or when a little sheep fell into the valley.

They go on several rescue missions until it’s time for them to head home for the day. But a huge river is in their way and they have no easy way of making it across.

One of the animals they rescued end up helping them out, reminding us that sometimes, nobody is invincible! Our mighty rescue crew needs help from others too ♥️

Find the book here: Little Rescue Crew, Let's Go! • 小小救援隊,出動!

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