Book Highlight: Little Tooth Brushing Soldiers March into the Tooth Kingdom

Iย got these books a while back. They are well reviewed by bloggers, but I haven't set them out cause I felt like it wasn't at the right level for my son at the time.

Recently though, because of molars cutting, toothbrushing has been a bit of a battle. I remembered I had this book stashed away in the closet, so I figured... ehhh, why not.

As expected, it was a liiiiiiittle too many words on the first read. But my strategy with slightly harder/longer books is NOT to read everything on the page the first time around.

Rather, I just kinda summarize whatโ€™s going on in the page in a few short sentences, and point out some interesting illustrative details, and then finish the book that way.

I then slowly read more and more of the text on subsequent reads. Now he loves it so much, he picks out this book on his own for me to read!

Also, this book WORKED LIKE A CHARM in getting him to brush. Literally... THAT NIGHT after I introduced this book, he was super cooperative in letting us ใ€Œๅˆท่ตฐๅ•ฒ็ดฐ่Œใ€ (knock on wood this continues!).

For whatever reason, books have way more authority than his own parents ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ Cause weโ€™ve totally told him the same thing in words before. But... thatโ€™s the power of books, yโ€™all!

This book is not officially part of a โ€œseriesโ€, but this Korean author has several other books in very similar style, that they might as well be. They all cover how something works. I have another one shown up there on the left about the digestive system.

Not gunna lie, the toothbrush one feels a liiiiiitle preachy, but itโ€™s done tastefully. Plus, the illustrations are so DETAILED and cute! And when all is said and done, the lesson was absorbed by my son, so I say thatโ€™s a win!

Get your copy here:ย Little Tooth Brushing Soldiers March into the Tooth Kingdom โ€ข ๅˆท็‰™ๅฐๅฐๅ…ตๅ‹‡้—–่›€็‰™็Ž‹ๅœ‹

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