Book Highlight: Little Tram, Where Are You? 電車小叮在哪裏?

My son has been really into this one the past few days.

There are SO FEW children’s books out there that are written and published by Hong Kong authors. Most traditional Chinese children’s books are either authored, or translated, by Taiwanese writers.

There’s nothing wrong with that of course; so many awesome children’s books come from Taiwan! ♥️

But sometimes, there are regional differences in certain vocab that could make reading some stories in Canto (what we use at home) slightly awkward.

Plus, this book covers a very iconic mode of public transport in Hong Kong. So culturally, it also has a special place in our hearts ♥️

I'd say this book is suitable for older toddlers and up (my son at 29mo really enjoyed this). The amount of text per spread is ever so sliiiiiiiightly longer. But the words aren't hard, and the illustrations are vibrant and adorable!

I love the detail and effort the illustrator put in to capture Hong Kong sights (e.g. store signs, iconic Hong Kong buildings, or even just the view from inside a tram 💚)

If you plan to visit Hong Kong with your children (if anyone ever travels again after COVID), I highly recommend reading this book together 🙂

Find this book here: Little Tram, Where Are You? • 電車小叮在哪裡?

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