Book Highlight: Little Zebra Series 小斑馬系列

This cute little series by Anna Walker is one of the few decent bilingual series I've seen out there! There really aren't that many bilingual books, especially not at this reading level.

This series has quite a few books. Each book features a little zebra named Ollie, and something it loves (e.g. "I Love My Mum", "I Love My Dad", "I Love Grandma", "I Love Birthdays", "I Love to Sing", "I Love to Dance", etc)

The text is very short, in both the Chinese and English, so having both languages on the same page actually works without cluttering up the layout too much.

I love the art too! The soft, muted watercolour drawings are adorable ♥️

This series is definitely designed for young toddlers. The text is huge, and the pages are thick (at least the softcover copies... ironically. The hardcover version uses regular paper pages). They're not board book thick, but they're very, very sturdy.

Plots in short books like these aren't going to be overly "exciting", but these are cute and playful. And a great way to introduce everyday vocab 🙂

Get your copy here: Little Zebra Series Bundle (Set of 9) • 小斑馬系列套書 (9冊)

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