Book Highlight: Mr. Panda's Colours & Feelings Board Books 熊貓先生,你喜歡什麼顏色?熊貓先生,你的心情好嗎?

Mr. Panda is back, now in board book form! . If you aren't familiar with the Mr. Panda series, it's a collection of early children's books by British author-illustrator, Steve Antony.

All the Mr. Panda books feature short simple dialogue between a cute panda and its monochromatic animal friends.

Through repetition and subtle humour, each book cleverly teaches some aspect of social etiquette (such as saying please, thank you, or just being patient).

These board books actually feel quite similar to his regular "paper" picture books in terms of difficulty and length, so if your older toddler/preschooler enjoy the Mr. Panda books right now, they'll probably enjoy these too, even though these are technically "board books".

This also just means that these board books don't get outgrown that quickly 🤪

The traditional Chinese version is sold as a set only. But I lurrrrve the vibrant colours the author used as backdrop for these books, and how pretty they are together 🤣 So I probably would've bought both of them regardless. (I'm a sucker for a beautiful books 🙈)

One book teaches emotions, while the other covers colours 🌈

My son is very familiar with his colours at this point so the latter is great for building up his confidence. While I like to refer back to the former as a way to talk about the different feelings as my son is experiencing them.

If you're looking for board books that'll last you a while, I definitely recommend this set 🙂

Find this set here: Mr. Panda's Colours & Feelings Board Books (Set of 2) • 熊貓先生,你喜歡什麼顏色?熊貓先生,你的心情好嗎?(2冊)

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