Book Highlight: My Daddy is a Firefighter • 我的爸爸是消防隊員

The title pretty much sums up the book.

The "plot" seems pretty ordinary at first, but I find a lot of beauty in the everyday "ordinary-ness" this book captures.

The realistic illustrations definitely make the book imo. It's the same illustrator as the 「大家一起。。。」series, which is a favourite in our house. I love his illustration style!

If you subscribe to Montessori parenting and book selections, this would feel STRAIGHT up your alley.

It beautifully illustrates the role of firefighters, while weaving in a tender relationship between a father and son.

There are a few spreads that are so sweet and so raw, like the one where it was late at night, and the mom was looking out the window at a fire in the distance ♥️

My son was drawn to this book right away cause he likes all things firetruck-related. But I'd totally still recommend it even if your child isn't firetruck-obsessed lol

Get your copy here: My Daddy is a Firefighter • 我的爸爸是消防隊員

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