Book Highlight: Odd One Out Bundle 誰最聰明?套書

I always get asked about board book recommendations, so here's another one we recently came across that we love!

If you're familiar with the Little White Fish (小白魚) books, this set is by the same author! You'll find the artistic style very reminiscent of Little White Fish, where it features textured animal illustrations in gorgeous, vibrant colours ♥️

I love these books cause it's one of those that'll grow well with kids. Mine is 2.5yo and has technically "graduated" from board books, yet he still very much enjoys this.

Or maybe it's just my kid? Cause he luuuurves "search & find" books, even though the items you have to find are in the EXACT. SAME. SPOT... every time. Somehow, he continues to get a kick out of re-finding everything lol. Toddlers. 🤷🏻‍♀️

These books are great for introducing vocabulary around animals, and for everyday adjectives (large/small, long/short, positions like above/under, etc). And because they're so vibrantly illustrated, they're just a lot of fun to flip through for younger babies.

And once your child is older, they can help find the more subtle things - the animal that will go to the party! You'll know what I mean when you read them; it's super cute 🥰

Find them here: Odd One Out Bundle (Set of 2) • 誰最聰明?套書 (兩冊)

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