Book Highlight: So This is What Space is Like! • 原來宇宙是這樣子啊!

My son really wanted to read his 「地球書」 this morning and specifically went looking for this one on our shelf.

I really like this one as a non-fiction space-related book. It's not overly wordy with bits of trivia scattered throughout. While there are more words than, say, beginner picture books like the 小雞 series, the words aren't in paragraph form.

Rather, they are in these bite-sized trivia nuggets, so my son just picks and chooses which trivia he wants to read in each spread.

The spread below with the two planets is pretty representative of a typical "technical" page (these style of pages make up most of the book):

I didn't realize how useful it is until this book did it, but I really like the little bar at the bottom showing the order and "rough" distances each planet is from the sun. It's a nice reference point when going through the different planets.

These technical pages are interspersed with pages like the spread below, which is more "storybook-like":

I love how it circles back to talk about how unique Earth is, and that we should take are of it ♥️🌏

This is a very accessible book and a great option for first non-fiction book if you were looking to introduce this genre into your family. Especially if your kid shows an interest in space! The author has a book on dinosaurs as well :)

Find the book here: So This is What Space is Like! • 原來宇宙是這樣子啊!

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