Book Highlight: Stories of Traditional Chinese Festivals • 中國傳統節日故事

With 端午節 (Dragonboat Festival) coming up, I wanted to read up on it so I can start talking to my son about it.

I tried a few books at the library that were o-kay, before *finally* finding this book that I really like! ♥️

👉 Stories of Traditional Chinese Festivals • 中國傳統節日故事

It covers major festivals, and includes stories I had not known about. I also really like the illustrations and how it introduces so many little cultural and historical tidbits. For example, I'm sure many of us had probably heard of 屈原, but I had not known the historical context/setting, which this book introduces without going too deep into the weeds.

Plus, it's printed by a Hong Kong publisher, so the content definitely slants Cantonese, which I have a bias for. E.g. There aren't words like 橘子, which isn't common in Hong Kong but very common in Taiwan lol (not that that's a bad thing, but it's just refreshing to see something that's clearly for Cantonese folk once in a while, since SO many traditional Chinese children's books are published in Taiwan).

It's not quite a book for toddlers, but I imagine a kindergartener or child in early elementary could enjoy it.

I personally enjoyed this a lot as an adult (grade 2-3ish level Chinese), so there's that? 😝

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