Book Highlight: Super Bunny series 超人兔系列

Ever have books that you personally find "meh", and yet your kids somehow absolutely love??

The Little Chick (小雞) books were actually one of those for me. I personally thought they were o-kay... But my son la-la-*LOVES* those books. And now that I've read them ~only~ a bajillion times, am I starting to warm up to them 😅

Anyway, this Super Bunny set, by French author Stéphanie Blake, is kinda like that for me.

The art? Eh.

The content? Definitely not gunna win any literary awards...

And yet.

As soon as I put these up on display after getting them, my son picked them up RIGHT AWAY, and asked to read them. And after we finished all of them once, he asked me to read them again at least two more times each!! Maybe he's drawn to the super bright colours? But he def doesn't do this with most of the books I display.

My criticism aside, there are some good things going for these books: The words are huuuge, which I love! There also aren't too many words per page. And, they're not hard words, which makes them super easy to read in colloquial Canto.

The stories follow mostly silly plots, which are o-kay. But my son seems to like them a lot 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway, it's always hard to recommend something here that I *personally* don't think is thaaat good. But, if my 27mo son were to write this review, he'd give it 5 stars 🤣

Get the books here: Super Bunny Bundle (Set of 5) • 超人兔系列 (5冊)

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