Book Highlight: The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit • 是誰嗯嗯在我的頭上?

I don't borrow many Simplified Chinese books, since I read Traditional Chinese myself, but I made an exception for this one 🤣

Fair warning... if you're grossed out by the idea and illustrations of poop, you probably want to skip past this lol

The book opens with a mole who pokes its head up above ground to enjoy the sunshine... when suddenly, a literal turd fell on its head 😂

Poor guy... It had poor eyesight, so it couldn't see who did it. It kept the poop on its head and set off to find the culprit

It interrogated various animals, asking if they pooped on its head. To prove their innocence, each animal would produce some poop to show how different their poop looked from the one on its head.

My son really enjoyed this, even though he's not particularly a poop/fart/boogers kinda kid (...yet?). It's also surprisingly educational, given the illustrations are more realistic than cutesy. You end up learning and talking about how each animal's poop is different, which is pretty neat!

This book is more than 30 years old (first published in 1989 by a German author), and it's still in print. So that's gotta say something 😛

Editor's Note: I first read this in Simplified Chinese, which is what I took photos of in this Book Highlight. The Traditional Chinese version can be found here: The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit • 是誰嗯嗯在我的頭上?

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