Book Series Highlight: Little White Fish 小白魚

A while back, I was debating whether I should order this series of books online (this was before Little Kozzi was a thing 😝), when I found out that Toronto Public Library had a few of their books! So I decided to borrow them to see if they were worthwhile.

VERDICT: They were a hit with my 25mo son!

That said, he did initially ignore the books when I first left them out in the living room after I brought them home.

But I switched it up and placed them alongside a known favourite book of his. Not sure why, but he kinda goes through spurts where he starts one book, and then wants to read 20 more books after that in the same sitting.

So after he was done his favourite book the other day, he proceeded to give all these new library books a try. And he thoroughly enjoyed them!

There’re probably 8 or 10 books in total in the Little White Fish series, all by Belgian children’s book author, Guido van Genechten. They’re nice for toddlers who have just graduated from board books to “paper” books, because it uses very short sentences.

The illustrations are also very simple and colourful, which my son enjoyed. The pages are also very high quality and thick (not board-book-thick, but high-quality-picture-book-thick). [2023 Update: The publisher no longer offers hardcover books. All Little White Fish books are now board books :)]

Plus, each book features a “theme” weaved into the story (e.g. opposites, emotions/feelings, “positions” like above/below/between/behind/etc), so it’s a nice way to introduce this kind of vocab. The library has maybe half the books from the series. If you want the other ones, they’re available here: Little White Fish series 小白魚系列


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