Book Series Highlight: Pip and Posy 皮皮與波西系列

I'm always looking for good bilingual books, mostly cause our household is bilingual. It's really nice when there are books that both parents can read 🙂

This one is by a German author-illustrator some of you may recognize — Axel Scheffler! He illustrated the popular Graffalo books, and he created this Pip and Posy series for young children.

I didn't think much of this set when I first got them, but after my son (28mo) chose to read them multiple times, I can see why they're popular.

I forgot where I saw this, but someone's description of these books felt really apt — these books do a great job telling stories about the ~dramas~ of toddler life.

There aren't super deep lessons, but every story is so RELATABLE to a toddler/preschooler: pee accidents, navigating early friendships, getting hurt from falls, having that special stuffed toy... etc

My son loves reading them, Chinese with me and English with Daddy. We love the fun illustrations too! There's a lot of cute detail that my son and I enjoy exploring together when reading the books.

Plus, the Chinese text is nice and HUGE. It's such a peeve of mine when Chinese children's books use the tiniest and hard-to-read fonts. Or put dark font on dark/busy backgrounds (I'm looking at you, 小雞 books... 😜)

The set I have here is softcover, but the cover and pages are high quality and well printed. The English version is printed behind the Chinese version at 2-up scale.

I def recommend this if you have a toddler/preschooler at home, especially those in bilingual households ♥️

Find this set here: Pip and Posy Series Bundle (Set of 10) • 皮皮與波西歡樂時光套書(共10本平裝本)

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