✨ Freshly back in stock (and already ~70% sold out via folks who were on the waitlist and notified early 😳)

These Cantonese.jpg books are a hilarious addition for lovers of the Cantonese language.

Created by Hong Kong illustrator 阿塗, these bilingual books feature A TON of modern Hong Kong Cantonese slangs and idioms (and not just the formal written 4-character kind)!

Many of these I heard growing up, whose meanings had to be passed down verbally because Cantonese is a spoken language first. So I love that these are now codified in writing, and in such an entertaining format 💕

Plus, there are so many new ones I hadn't heard about before! Everything comes with English definitions AND inline jyutping, so you can still very much enjoy this even if you can't read Chinese ☺️

WARNING: Not all of it is kid-friendly 🤪 Please pre-read before sharing with your kids lolol

Find the books here: Cantonese.jpg《圖解廣東話1》and Cantonese2.jpg《圖解廣東話2》

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