🏮 Emoji Lantern Riddles 🏮

Today marks the 15th and final day of the Lunar New Year celebrations.

It is also sometimes considered a "Valentine's Day" of sorts because many young people take this opportunity to ask people out on dates to the bustling 元宵夜市 (night market).

Together they will 賞花燈 (admire lanterns) and 猜燈謎 (solve word puzzles hung on the lanterns)! Honestly that sounds like a really fun date lol

I don't have lanterns, but I thought I'd throw some emoji riddles out there for fun 😂

Can you guess the saying based on the emoji sequence?

1) 👻👻🐭🐭

2) 👻5️⃣🐴6️⃣

3) 🐓✋🦆🦶

4) 👕🐶5️⃣🎲7️⃣

5) 🐽💩8️⃣🍉

6) ✋🐽🛍🐰

✨元宵節快樂!Happy Lantern Festival ✨

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