Hong Kong Public Transport Games & Puzzles

✨ New at Little Kozzi: Hong Kong public transportation themed games & puzzles created by relovetransport ! πŸ‡­πŸ‡°πŸš‡

Not mid-autumn related haha, but it just arrived and it’s sooo cute!

Hong Kong’s world class MTR system has such a special spot in my heart, so I was delighted to introduce these to my own kids. Browse games, puzzles, and flash cards here.

Use code COMBINE to combine with any existing open orders (so you don’t have to clear free shipping minimums again ☺️)

p.s. in the time I put in the order to when I received this, they released a picnic blanket with a design of Hong Kong’s MTR lines laid out on a map that is also so so cute, ugh ❀️

She sent a sample and it’s such a good size and packs up so well (!!) I’ll post more about it in IG stories, but may need to add those to our store too (as a preorder…? πŸ‘€)

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