Learning to Read Chinese (in Cantonese) — Why does it feel so hard?!

I saw @sweetnotelearning’s IG story today where she shared some of the Chinese characters in Sage, that her child struggles with often (spoiler: they’re the ones that don’t map directly to spoken Cantonese…)

It was what inspired me to create this post.

I too have spent a lot of time — perhaps too much? 😝 — thinking about this.

There are definitely *uniquely Canto* struggles with learning to read Chinese, that I wish get talked about more!

If you’re a Canto-family, you are not just imagining it…

It *is* hard 😩

But before we can do anything about it, it’s important to understand the reasons *why* it is difficult!

And with that understanding, we can then dive into some strategies that has helped my family, and some of my Canto friend’s families, in building Chinese literacy skills with their little ones.

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