Locy Lee's Cantonese Single 《一盅兩件》 Now on Spotify!

My kid has been a huge fan of Locy Lee songs since he first heard 《齊齊揸火車》! I'm so excited that one of her songs is now on Spotify, with more to come!

3 things I love about Locy Lee's music:

1) They're all new and original songs with catchy modern arrangements. Sure, classic Cantonese rhymes and songs are nice, but it's refreshing to see modern content. There's never a shortage of new English children's songs (ahem, baby shark), so it's so lovely to also see this available in Cantonese!

2) Cantonese is a tonal language. I love how Dorothy is very intentional about how she matches lyrics to music so that the tones *also* match, creating suuuuper catchy songs, especially since they also rhyme as well ♥️

3) Dorothy does such a great job "codifying" or "highlighting" colloquial Cantonese. Again, I think she's very intentional about writing Cantonese (a spoken language first) into her lyrics. Don't be surprised to see phrases like 「軟冧冧」,「香噴噴」,「核突」, which are quintessential spoken Cantonese but almost never written into lyrics, because lyrics often use written Chinese. But, these are exactly the kinds of phrases we want in children's songs if we want to promote language learning and to expose kids to Cantonese vocabulary through music. So I'm extremely thankful she chooses to do this!!

Ok, I'm done gushing. Please check her out. I can't wait for her to release her other songs on Spotify! 🎶

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