New Arrival: Chameleon Reader (A DIY Reading Pen)

We had this pen for a while now (this was purchased welllll before Little Kozzi was a thing πŸ€ͺ -- that was how long ago this was... or perhaps it says a little about how young Little Kozzi is lol).

The Chameleon Reader is super versatile and VERY easy to use. I bought this because we're a Cantonese-speaking family, and Cantonese reading pen options are few and far between. So, I decided to make my own using the Chinese books we have.

If you have a child working through the Sagebooks, the Chameleon Reader and the popular leveled readers are like peanut butter and jelly -- they work really, really well together! (more videos to come)

Do you already have a Chameleon Reader? How are you using it right now? If you're waiting on yours (all pre-orders are sent out), how do you plan to use it?

Get yours here: Chameleon Reader

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