New! Bitty Bao Magnetic Wooden Mooncake Set 🥮

🚨 Pre-orders close Thursday Aug 4 @ 11:59pm PST — now CLOSED. But you can order them directly here.

I know I know... it seems crazy to see Mid-Autumn Festival stuff now (p.s. mooncakes are for sale at Costco already 😳), but… when I look at the calendar, August is just around the corner *gulp*

One of the *cuuutest* Mid-Autumn Festival merch we saw recently are Bitty Bao's custom magnetic wooden mooncake set that pair with their newest Mid-Autumn-themed bilingual board books 😍

Thanks to some impassionate requests from some of you (we really do try to listen!), we decided to do a trial run to bring them in. There are minimum order quantities, so we are opening pre-orders on them now.

This is a trial, so not sure if we will get more yet. The book + mooncake bundle is available for pre-order only. Expected to ship around late August.

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