Read to Your Kids in Cantonese (without reading Chinese yourself!)


I know there are TONS of reading pens out there, but few do all of these things πŸ‘‡

βœ… read in Cantonese (spoken AND written)**

βœ… compatible with lots of titles (75+ & growing)

βœ… works with a monthly magazine (guaranteed new content all the time!)

... and offers a surprising number of genres: from standard stories, to non-fiction, to the publisher's own leveled reader set, to board books, and of course, illustrated dictionaries (most common for reading pens out there)! πŸ₯°

Check out the full collection here: Books Compatible with the Sunya Reading Pen

Questions about this pen?

πŸ‘‡ Leave themΒ below πŸ‘‡

** Not every title comes with spoken Cantonese (about 70-80% do), but 100% come with written Cantonese and Mandarin

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