Storybooks in "Spoken" Cantonese

Cantonese is a unique beast of a language. We've heard from many families their frustration around the disconnect between the spoken and written system.

We all know that reading books to children is SO important to them learning the language.

But it's often awkward in Cantonese, because what we say, is quite different from what we write.

And if we do want to focus on Cantonese listening/speaking skills first by reading Chinese books in spoken Cantonese, the storyteller has to do an extra "layer of translation" from written to spoken language (not always easy!).

This mental acrobatics adds *yet* another barrier to families wanting to pass on Cantonese πŸ₯Ί

πŸ‘‰ Enter Ham Baang Laang, who aims to fill this gap by creating storybooks that are written in spoken Cantonese.

And not just 1 or 2 of them, but 40 of them (!!), graded at different vocabulary levels.

While they're NOT a replacement for conventional leveled readers designed to teach Chinese literacy, they're a great accessible & affordable option for families who want to improve their Cantonese listening & speaking skills (the first skills to master before moving onto reading/writing imo)... and just overall enjoyment of Cantonese storytime together if your family is not yet fully fluent or literate.

These Ham Baang Laang booksβ€”all 40 of themβ€”are actually available for FREE (yes, free!) digitally online. But if you'd like physical copies, we're running a very quick (only a few days!) pre-order for them now:

HamBaangLaang - Full Collection (8 Sets/40 Books) β€’ ε†šε”ͺε”₯ε…¨ε₯— 1-8 (40 本)

🚨 Pre-order closes Saturday Sep 4 @ 11:59PM PST

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